We make Rice Hot Cereals, Rice Pancake Mixes, and Rice Flour

Using BLACK RICE makes us different and more nutritious

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  • Benefits of Black Rice

    1. the purple colour of black rice contains anthrocyanins which are anti-oxidents.

    2. Anti-oxidents reduce free radicals in the body.

    3. You want to reduce free radicals in your body to reduce inflammation.

    4. By reducing inflammation in the body you are protecting your organs from chronic damage, and reducing cancer risk.

    5. Also, black rice is higher in protein, and fibre than white rice.

    6. Protien builds muscle, and fibre clenses toxins from the body.

  • Rice Hot Cereals

    Our creamy rice hot cereals come in three flavours:

    White Rice

    Black RIce

    Apple Fritter Black Rice

  • Rice Pancake Mixes

    Our fluffy moist rice pancakes are available in

    White Rice Buttermilk and

    Black Rice Blend French Vanilla

  • Rice Flour

    We offer a black rice blend flour, for all of your creative baking needs